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About Aries Security and Training

Training and Hiring: At Aries Security and Training, we ensure that our guards are prepared to the client’s satisfaction. We limit the number of guards that we recycle from other security companies, as we believe that most of our guards should be newly trained by Aries, with our client’s standards in mind. All guards are New York State Licensed and must participate in a state-approved 8 hour Pre-Assignment course and a 16 hour On The Job training course. Our guards also receive training tailor-made to clients’ and facilities’ Post Orders, including CPR and AED training. Guards are trained on Post Orders every 6 months to keep them updated and familiar with all current rules, protocols, and procedures. All guards receive an 8-hour Annual Service Training to update and refresh guards’ understanding of all New York State qualifications. We will always ensure that our guards are professionally trained before they begin to protect our clients. Finally, before hiring and training, all guards must submit a resume, be fingerprinted, go through a background check, and agree to a drug test to ensure we provide quality guards.

Communication: Most of us understand that communication is of fundamental importance in security, and this is true with Aries. We do not believe in utilizing automatic systems to communicate with our clients. At Aries, we will make ourselves available for contact 24/7 through phone, email, or Zoom. Aries is located in Buffalo, NY, so the owner, Jeremy Harrison, will meet you in person, if needed, within 24 hours. Also, Mr. Harrison welcomes all clients to our local office, but we can meet you at your location for your courtesy and convenience. Once again, we strongly wish to keep a line of communication with all our clients, so never hesitate to reach out to us.

Family: At Aries Security and Training, we pride ourselves on treating everyone like family. If you are associated with Aries in any capacity, from business partners to employees, or even if you are a new company client, we will treat you like one of our own. Aries is a minority-owned company that values diversity. We are an equal-opportunity employer. We welcome all: races, ethnicities, nationalities, classes, religions, sexes, genders, and all spoken languages to our company. With Aries, you receive not only our protection but also our support.

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